Information and the operation of user interface must be understandable.

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Guideline 3.1 Readable
Guideline 3.2 Predictable
Guideline 3.3 Input Assistance

Guideline 3.1 Readable: Make text content readable and understandable.

Unusual Words

Words that may be ambiguous, unknown, or used in a very specific way should be defined through adjacent text, a definition list, a glossary, or other suitable method.


Expansions for abbreviations should be provided by expanding or explaining the definition the first time it is used.

SOLUTION: By enabling the Glossary option from the Player Properties, a ‘Glossary’ tab will appear in the sidebar of every slide that can display author-inputted terms and definition. 

  1. Select the Home
  2. Select Player in the Publish tab.Storyline Menu Bar. Home tab and Player icon highlighted
  3. The Player Properties windows will appear. Scroll through the Player Tabs options, and check the box for Glossary.
  4. Select Glossary from the Properties tab.Player properties window. Glossary highlighted from Menu bar, glossary tab highlighted.
  5. Click the box beneath the ‘Glossary’ heading, or the paper icon on the bottom-left corner.Glossary window expanded. Glossary input area highlighted.
  6. The Glossary Term windows will appear. Input terms and definitions or abbreviations and explanations into the corresponding text boxes.

Glossary term window expanded and highlighted.


Guideline 3.2 Predictable: Make Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.

Consistent Navigation

Navigational mechanisms that are repeated on multiple slides should occur in the same relative order each time they are repeated, unless a change is initiated by the user.

SOLUTION: By enabling the Menu option from the Player Properties, a navigational sidebar will be present on every slide.

  1. Select the Home button.
  2. Select Player in the Publish tab.

Storyline Menu Bar. Home tab and Player icon highlighted

  1. The Player Properties windows will appear. Scroll through the Player Tabs options, and check the box for Menu.
  2. Select the desired location of the sidebar from the Sidebar dropdown menu (optional).

Player properties window expanded. Menu item selected. Sidebar dropdown set to "On Left" highlighted.

Guideline 3.3 Input Assistance: Help users avoid and correct mistakes.

Consistent Identification

Components that have the same functionality should be identified consistently.

Three example Storyline pages with "next" button in same area and highlighted.

Error Identification (Quiz Feedback)

If an input error is automatically detected, the item that is in error is identified and the error is described to the user in text.

  1. Select the Insert
  2. Select New Slide in the Slide tab.Storyline Menu Bar. Insert tab and New Slide icon highlighted
  3. Select the Quizzing
  4. Select Graded or Survey option, and choose style of quiz.Storyline Quizzing slide. Quizzing tab and graded quizzes content area highlighted.
  5. Input question and choices in the corresponding textboxes.
  6. Click More to edit feedback.Quiz question entry area highlighted. Feedback entry area highlighted.
  7. The Feedback windows will appear. Enter feedback in the textbox to prompt a correct/incorrect input, and/or provide suggestions.

Feedback window expanded with text entry area and highlighted.